Blanca Air Pistol 0.177 Cal 4.5mm

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The only .177 Air Pistol in India to have:

  • Pull back mechanism: NO BREAK BARREL!
  • Dual mode: Shoots both BB and Pellets
  • Multiple load mode: Can load up to 18 BBs at once!
  • 1:1 scale with real Pistol
  • Safety Lock
  • Sliding trigger


Blanca Air Pistol

Blanca Air Pistol is purely designed for the Premium segment.  Without a doubt the most impressive air pistol in the country.

Technical specifications of Blanca Air Pistol  : 

Brand: Blanca
Model: Black
Caliber: 0.177″ (4.5mm)
Range (Approx): 10-15 meters
Weight: 1 Kg approx
Action/ Mechanism: Pull back spring/ Single shot (Pellet)/ BB’s (upto 18 BB’s)
Sights: Open
Body: Metal
Other: Multi Load, Single Shot
Freebies: 50 Pellets, 200 BBs
Warranty: 6 months Manufacturer Warranty. Buyer needs to contact manufacturer directly; contact details included.

Important Aspects :

Classic Metal Body
Complete Alloy Metal Built, Rust proof and Rigid 0.177 (4.5mm) Gun

18 Round’s BB Chamber
Hassle-free onetime load, Just cock the Gun and Fire BBs or Pellets

Weighs like Real
Gun weighs 810 Gms, Very much like Real Service Gun, 0.177 Caliber

Functional Safety Switch
Extra added Safety and Easy Access when Loaded with bbs and Pellets

Some Small Stories..

Life Saver…. Prevention is better than Cure

Threatened by someone, Traveling an alone a lot of time, Businessman sitting at the cash counter, or anything that makes you scared. The answer to these issues is Blanca Air Pistol . You can carry it anywhere, No license needed. It can be used to deter the threat.

Easy to carry

Portability is a serious concern, You do not want to end up carrying one of those long barrel air guns that do not fit in your bag or pocket. And not to mention that they look fake. Blanca, on the other hand, is not just portable but also looks like the real thing. Keeping one on the desk gives the feeling of a real gun.

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